Edge of the Razor


The Edge of the Razor Barber Shop is born out of my childhood memories during the 70s, when my mother would take me to a local barber shop on the first floor of the building that we lived in. I remember when the barber would cut my hair with a pair of scissors and a comb in his hands, then he would apply hair oil and the unmistakable smell of Clubman products.

From these memories I looked around the community, but I saw that there were no actual traditional barber shops, instead most were modern and limited in the traditional “Old School” ways. Some key factors that I paid close attention to were that of cleanliness (equipment sterilization), a serious and family friendly atmosphere, and the use traditional products.


We provide all types and styles of haircut services, beard and mustache care, hot towel shaves, among other. Our focus is on hair and beard style and cut for men. We specialize in traditional, contemporary, and military haircuts and beard services such as shaving with straight edge razors and hot towels. We also offer hair and beard dye services.

We look forward to serving the area and benefiting our community as we grow our business.

Let the Edge of the Razor Barber Shop be your Exclusive barber.


Find our location:

2806 James L Redman Parkway

The Village Suite 206

Plant City, Florida 33566

(407) 616-0026



Tuesday - Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

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