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Edge of the Razor Barber Shop Inc. is committed to provide an excellent experience while staying true to the old school ways.  Our services are both affordable and one of a kind.
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Classic Haircut


This is a standard haircut that includes edges, eyebrow trimming, and ear grooming using clippers. This service may use scissors clippers, and razors, let the barber know if there is a preference. 

Beard Trim


Beard and mustache stile and detailed trimming. This service includes mustache wax if needed and after shave.

Halka Brilliantine

Official Sellers of Halka Brand Brilliantine!

Edge of the Razor Barber Shop Inc. is proud to sell the Halka brand Brilliantine!

Made from lanolin, natural wax extracted from the sebaceous glands of the sheep; their softening and moisturizing properties allow easy hair handling. Brilliantine produced from oil of bergamot, soothes and moisturizes the hair strand, restoring softness and shine to dry and damaged hair.

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Halka - Classic Brilliantine

Halka Brillantine 6.jpg

Wooden Combs

More Coming Soon

Haircut and Shampoo Wash


This service includes the classic haircut along with a shampoo wash and with products depending on hair type and client necessity.

Shape Up


Only Edges, eyebrow trimming, and ear grooming with clippers only.

Regular Shave


This service Includes Astringent clean up, hot towel, clear shaving gel, after shave, and facial massage with machine.

Full Shave


This service includes Astringent clean up, hot towel, artisan cleansing soap (depending on client skin), skin oil, shaving cream, hot towel, skin cream, hot towel, eye hydrating gel, mustache wax, and facial massage with cream.

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